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The Trials of Moving

I am so sorry for the delay. I moved a couple weeks ago, and before the move, I was stressed. Now, after the move I am feeling such a lack of motivation and exhaustion.

For the first week after moving, every single day was so packed full of doing this or doing that. We cleaned, shopped, remodeled a tiny bit, and generally spent time doing all the odds and ends that come with moving. As much fun as I’ve had, I am also just so overwhelmed with all the decisions, the money spent, planning for the holidays, etc. Everything is now coated in a fun newness, but with that comes new stress as well. Even good stress is tiring.

Future Posts

I have several post ideas about my experience moving that will cover topics such as organizing, designing spaces, and generally making things functional for me and my visual impairment and also practical for my partner. I will also have a studio to refinish and design soon, and I look forward to sharing that with you guys here and on YouTube.

Otherwise, I have several posts coming up that are nearly finished on various topics. I hope you guys will stick with me and know that I really appreciate every single person who reads these posts, comments, or shares feedback with me.

Here’s to more posts soon, and some well-earned relaxation for me and for you!

Stay curious.

I have Albinism and am legally blind. I have a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I'm currently pursuing my passion of writing through this blog and for the Albinism InSight magazine.

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