Dani Marie & Albinism Up Close

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  • Image featuring a cane with a roller ball tip and text: Albinism Up Close. Choosing a tip for your mobility caneChoosing a Tip for Your Mobility Cane
    In Blindness & Visual Impairment, Low Vision Products
    Choosing a tip for your mobility cane is a very personal task, but there are some guidelines that can help you make the decision. Here, I run through the various tips, their general uses, and some general guidelines to help you choose your next cane tip. Remember, I am absolutely no orientation & mobility expert. I am simple gathering all the information for you guys.
  • a grey image with diagonal stripes of green, blue, white, yellow, and red features text: July is Dsiability Pride Month. Why are we proud to be disabledWhy Are We Proud to be Disabled?
    In Albinism, Blindness & Visual Impairment
    July is Disability Pride Month! To many this may seem like an odd statement, but disability pride is about much more than being proud to be a disabled person.
  • The top of this image reads Quests of the Braille playing Electric Bastionland, Thursday, 20th of January 2022 at 5:30PM Eastern Standard Time. Below there are pictures of Dani Marie, Sightless Combat, Blind Temple and Jim O’Donnell. The Twitter handles for each person are @SightlessKombat @ DaniMarieAUC @Blind Temple @BrailleKnights the picture shows the location for the stream as WWW.Twitch.TV/BrailleKnightsLive Streamed TableTop RPG with Blind Creators: Let’s Have Some Awareness & Some Fun
    In Announcements, Blindness & Visual Impairment, Gaming
    Join me in a live streamed TableTop RPG for charity and awareness beginning January 20th! Learn all about this event and how you can lend your support!