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Paper, BoldWriter Pens, and Bump Dots

Hi, everyone. I just wanted to share this quick post with some items I received from Vocational Rehabilitation. I’m not currently using these types of tools based on my own personal preference, but they can be immensely helpful for those of us who are visually impaired. Many of you or your children may find them useful, especially for younger children who are just learning to write.

Bump Dots

Bump dots of all shapes and sizes

This first item is called Bump Dots. These are raised 3-dimensional stickers that you can stick to settings on your microwave or washer and dryer or remotes or even items that you need to identify quickly. They are not braille, but instead they come in several shapes and colors and sizes. The clear ones could be placed on items that you share with others or just on things you want to keep inconspicuous. The bright orange and black can be placed on various colors to provide a contrasting marker. You could be as creative with the use of these Bump Dots as you’d like. Stick a square one on a notebook for one class and a bubble one on a notebook for one class and then the flat round one on a notebook for a third class.

Low Vision Notebook with BoldWriter Pens

Low Vision Note Book and BoldWriter Pens

Low Vision Notebook, Bold-Lined Legal Pads, and Bold Writer Pens with writing examples

The above items are all for writing. The Low Vision Notebook is made by a company called Giant Print Company. The legal pad style paper is made by MaxiAids, and this paper is made by several other companies as well. And the pens are called BoldWriter Pens and they are made by Reizen. These pens are somewhere between a fine- and regular-tipped Sharpie. They don’t smell as strongly, which is a plus since using something like this assumes that your face may be fairly close to the writing surface. They write fairly quietly and don’t seem to bleed through paper like a Sharpie would.

All of these items came from MaxiAids, and that site has a bit of everything from electronics to talking watches and scales to these pens and papers. They also have various aids for other disabilities as well including household items, canes and crutches, computer accessories, and pretty much anything you can think of. Of course, when shopping I would always suggest some price comparison.

Stay curious and let me know if you guys have any questions or requests for posts.

Amazon Links

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I have Albinism and am legally blind. I have a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I'm currently pursuing my passion of writing through this blog and for the Albinism InSight magazine.


  • Heather DeStefano

    I absolutely love the BoldWriter pens! I had not heard of the bump dots, but they seem to have the potential to be immensely helpful. Thank you for the tip! Keep up the great work! ?

    • Danielle

      They are helpful! Also, people use something like puff paint to marking things like washer and stove dials. I need to make an updated post on this soon!

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