The top of this image reads Quests of the Braille playing Electric Bastionland, Thursday, 20th of January 2022 at 5:30PM Eastern Standard Time. Below there are pictures of Dani Marie, Sightless Combat, Blind Temple and Jim O’Donnell. The Twitter handles for each person are @SightlessKombat @ DaniMarieAUC @Blind Temple @BrailleKnights the picture shows the location for the stream as WWW.Twitch.TV/BrailleKnights
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Live Streamed TableTop RPG with Blind Creators: Let’s Have Some Awareness & Some Fun

Long time, no see. I know. I’ve been up to a few things, mostly on my Twitch Channel. I’m popping in to share an upcoming event that I’m very excited about! I will be joining a live streamed TableTop RPG with some other wonderful blind creators!

What is TableTop RPG?

TableTop RPG (TTRPG) is a role-playing game generally played around a table. Many of you may have heard of Dungeons and Dragons. That is one of the many TTRPG’s that exists! Each game has different rules, settings, characters, and play styles, but they are all generally played around a table (physical or virtual). These games are full of creativity, problem solving, and so much more! TTRPG’s can also act an escape or a chance to pretend you’re someone else for a time.

What’s the Point Though?

Why am I playing this? Even more importantly, why do I feel the need to announce it here on Albinism Up Close? Well, the story begins last October when I participated in a charity event benefiting The Able Gamers Charity and Special Effect. The event included live streamed video games and TTRPG’s. This event was spearheaded by two excellent groups. The first is Everyone Games, a team of volunteers that provides resources for designing, running, modifying, and playing accessible TTRPG’s for people with disabilities. The second group contributing to this event is Knights of the Braille. They are also a group of volunteers who run a Discord server providing a place for blind and visually impaired gamers and game masters to run and participate in TTRPG’s. They also work to make inaccessible game manuals and resources accessible. Volunteers have even been in contact with bigger companies such as Dungeons and Dragons Beyond to help make their website more accessible to screen reader users.

To check out some of last year’s games and panels, visit the Everyone Games YouTube channel.

Both Everyone-Games and Knights of the Braille have been absolutely wonderful and welcoming to me as a new TTRPG gamer, and I’ve already participated in three different games! I am personally happy to be a small part of the work they do, and I highly recommend them both!

Everyone-Games in October 2022

You still may be wondering, “What’s the point though?” Well, the point is to build hype for this year’s event coming up in early October 2022. There will be several live streamed TTRPG’s throughout this year to build awareness for the event and everything that both Knights of the Braille and Everyone-Games is working toward. If you have the time or means to lend support for these events, that will mean so much for this entire community of gamers! It would also mean quite a lot to me.

When and Where Can I Watch?

The first TTRPG begins Thursday, January 20th at 4:30 pm CST / 2:30 pm PST / 10:30 pm GMT. It will continue at this same time on Thursdays for four to six weeks. You can watch it on the Braille Knights Twitch channel. Hop over there and click the follow button to be notified when these events go live!

Is it Dungeons and Dragons?

No. We will be playing a TTRPG called Electric Bastionland. This game has a minimalist rule set which allows players to focus on role playing rather than complex character sheets, numbers, and rules.

Bastion is the only city that matters: impossibly large and expanding more every day, ruled by warring borough councils enforcing draconic laws, and fizzing with electric discoveries.

At the edges, Deep Country stretches off into the distance, and time itself becomes slow and cumbersome; beneath the surface, the machinery of the Underground twists and shifts reality into uncomfortable positions; and in the sky above, the Living Stars whisper of scintillating miracles in actinic tongues.

You are a Treasure Hunter in Bastion: something went terribly wrong for you, you are deeply in debt, and you have no other way out. You and your fellow debtors – disgraced Street Judges, demobbed Avant Guardsmen, refugees from Deep Country, swarms of urchins and dozens of other flavours of luckless eccentrics – band together to earn enough cash to survive.

From the Electric Bastionland Kickstarter campaign

Who Else Will Be There?

I will be joined by some fellow blind and visually impaired creators and advocates! Please check out their links and resources to learn more!

Jim from Knights of the Braille

Sightless Kombat

Blind Temple

I look forward to seeing you guys in chat. I enjoy talking about these topics so much lately.

Look for more Albinism Up Close posts in the future as well!

Stay curious.

I have Albinism and am legally blind. I have a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I'm currently pursuing my passion of writing through this blog and for the Albinism InSight magazine.

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