Introducing community highlights on albinism up close
Community Highlights

Introducing: Community Highlights on Albinism Up Close

I am beginning a new segment on this site called Community Highlights where I will feature a new member of the albinism, visually impaired, and/or blind communities once a month. Over the past few weeks, I have met so many amazing people within these communities, and I believe this platform can be used to elevate this community as a whole.

Meeting new people has inspired me to be better and to chase my dreams, and I can never express my gratitude to each and every one of the community members for the kindness and support they have shown me over this short time. My hope is that I can use my platform here at Albinism Up Close to showcase the diversity, success, struggles, and beauty that exists among these incredible groups of people.

In light of everything going on in the world, I have absolutely been inspired to work harder to highlight people who inspire me. I hope to include everyone who wants to raise his or her voice and be heard.

I’m looking for creators, artists, businessmen and women, YouTubers, writers, photographers, entrepreneurs, and more no matter which part of your journey you may be on. I’m looking for your successes, struggles, passions, and dreams.

My plan is to do this feature on the last Thursday of every month beginning on June 25, 2020.

What I’ll Need from You:

  • A self-written biography or showcase of your projects (I can absolutely help you write these and edit them if you’d like)
  • A photo (if you feel comfortable sharing one)
  • Social Media, Website, and Project links if you’d like them shared
  • A video file or link if you’re a video creator and would like that shared

Making Your Submission:

If you would like to be featured, you can contact me via social media from my About page or you can email me at

Remember, the plan is to post one of these a month, so your feature may not be published right away.

I am so excited about this addition to Albinism Up Close, and I look forward to speaking with each of you!

Stay curious.

I have Albinism and am legally blind. I have a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I'm currently pursuing my passion of writing through this blog and for the Albinism InSight magazine.

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