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    Words. And that is all that they are.

    What are words? And language? Do they firmly represent tangible objects and abstract ideas? When we say apple, is that apple instantly made real? The same is true for a picture, especially this one below. This is not a pipe. This is a picture of a pipe, but does that make it a pipe? Language represents our idea of a thing or idea, but that does not make language a finite lingual representation of an object or idea. We’ve been learning some interesting language concepts or non-language concepts. Reading from my textbook Texts and Concepts: Writing about Literature with Critical Theory (6th Edition) by Steven Lynn has been very interesting…

  • Everyday Life

    The Age-Old Question: What do You See?

    This question seems like such a common occurrence. It most always follows the realization that we have a visual impairment. Honestly, it IS a fair question. I want to know the same thing when I meet someone with a visual impairment. I find it fascinating to understand how someone sees or hears or thinks. I view this question positively. If someone is curious and genuinely wants to understand, why not take the opportunity to teach? So guys, please, take pride in explaining this one, and don’t be offended or upset. How Do Eyes Work? I believe we need a quick (and short) lesson on the eye and how it works…

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