What is AUC?

Albinism Up Close (AUC) is a project that seeks to spread awareness and provide resources about albinism, visual impairment, and blindness.

AUC also provides information on how the blind and visually impaired communities can be successful and diverse.

I recently attended the National Organization of Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH) 18th annual virtual conference and covered it in a series of articles. You can Check them out here in my NOAH Conference page.

Browse the Blog to read about everyday life from the perspective of someone with albinism and legal blindness, tips and tricks, and much more. 

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My Latest Posts
  • Ocular Albinism featured image with a green DNA strand behind itOcular Albinism: X-Linked & What That Means
    In Albinism, Blindness & Visual Impairment
    Ocular Albinism is an x-linked variant of albinism. Here, I'll detail what that means in simple terms and how it may affect your diagnosis. I also share some important notes about accepting others' differences. READ MORE
  • the white cane history and laws featured imageThe White Cane: History & Laws
    In Blindness & Visual Impairment, Low Vision Products, Technology
    The white cane has a long history, but laws regulating its use and safety are fairly recent and vary by state. Here I discuss that history, laws, and the types of canes that exist for blind and visually impaired people. READ MORE
  • surviving the beach with albinism featured imageSurviving the Beach with Albinism
    In Albinism, Beach & Sun, Everyday Life, Hair & Beauty
    People with albinism can enjoy the beach as well as people without it, but we do need to take a few more precautions. Here, I run down some of those considerations and tips so that you can enjoy your time at the beach with albinism, fair skin, and photophobia. READ MORE
  • CH: Phoenix Simone Walter FlyerPhoenix Simone Walter: Rising Proudly
    In Community Highlights
    Phoenix Simone Walter is a photographer and graphic designer who also happens to have albinism. She rises above any challenges that come her way with grace.READ MORE
  • Nystagmus explained featured imageNystagmus Explained: How it Impacts the Vision of Those with Albinism
    In Albinism, Blindness & Visual Impairment
    Nystagmus is an uncontrollable shaking of the eyes. It occurs frequently in those with albinism. It affects the vision in various ways, but there are some things you can do to lessen its effects.READ MORE

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