Happy International Albinism Awareness Day (IAAD)!

June 13 is IAAD, and this year marks the tenth anniversary of that recognition. In celebration, I hope you’ll read through some of the information here and check out this video created by Accessible Media Inc. (AMI) and Jennie Bouvard featuring people with albinism from all over the world. I was included on this panel as a streamer and creator, and I feel very honored to be among these lovely individuals.

What is AUC?

Albinism Up Close (AUC) is a project that seeks to spread awareness and provide resources about albinism, visual impairment, and blindness.

AUC also provides information on how the blind and visually impaired communities can be successful and diverse.

Browse the Blog to read about everyday life from the perspective of someone with albinism and legal blindness, tips and tricks, and much more. 

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