I am so happy to bring you Albinism Up Close, now with its own domain name! That was such a big leap for me. I am truly excited to be committing more time and energy to this blog. Follow the blog to see my latest posts!

Albinism Up Close is a project that seeks to spread awareness about albinism, low vision, and other features that accompany the condition. It also seeks to provide information on how the blind and visually impaired community can be successful and diverse.

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Here, you will find a bit more about Albinism Up Close, me, and my contact information.

If You or Someone You Know Has Albinism…

If you have Albinism or are a parent or family member to someone who has it and you would like to contribute to Albinism Up Close or contact me, you can do so here: info@albinismupclose.com. You may also contact me through my social media accounts listed on my About page.

Another excellent place to start is the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH)!